Chano The Romantic

         Over Twitter Chance The Rapper took to the platform to obliterate the #sogonechallenge in an ultimately sexy, and romantic 16. If you weren't already in love with him, you are certain to fall hard now. The #sogonechallenge called artists to put bars up over R&B singer Monica’s 2003 classic “So Gone”. In the rhyme Chance delivers endearing words as he proclaims his affections for his girlfriend, and the mother of his daughter, Kinsley.

So if you got a girl and she’s sexy and she’s grown / Stay your ass at home before you end it up all alone / Leave the toilet seat down always keep your phone.

Chano is arguably the best (hands down, honestly. truly.) artist and lyricist right now. With his undeniable zeal for Christ, unwavering and uncompromisable value in himself, and his talent, he has been a beacon of light for Christ, aspiring artists, and music enthusiasts. His positive words, and vibes resonate with all. Chano continues to be an excellent example of what integrity, and an honorable man look like. Check out this super cute video of Chance, and his girlfriend swooning over one another. 

Are you an artist? send me your own #sogonechallenge and I'll feature you too!

The Creative: BRIKLIAM

A talented, young creative swiftly on the rise BRIKLIAM is quickly becoming everyones favorite baritone. His musical covers transcend their notes and take you on a vivid journey of memories. On his first album Coby Meets World, he covers the amazing Frank Ocean, "American Wedding", and the classic  Anita Baker. From his vocals to his amazing visual creations, BRIKLIAM leaves you wanting more. His all around creative genius is enlightening and inspiring. Sharing his life experiences and personal journey with growth and Christ allows for an etremely relatable experience through his creative expresive choices. With song covers like "1+1/He is" and "Heartbreak Hotel", BRIKLIAM has captivated his audience.


Find him on Instagram @brikliam, and download his latest project here.

A New Kind Of Monday

Matthew Monday stuns with his militant musical aesthetic, and the gripping music video 'DEVILS'. The blunt visual work inverts today's social, and political plague of racism, by highlighting hateful acts depicted through reversed roles. The artist is quoted on The Smoking Section as saying, “I wanted to create something that removed the racial aspect of color and focused more on the actual act of hatred”. By casting Black actors in traditionally White roles, violent acts casually committed against Black human beings can now be seen universally. 

"DEVILS' piercing imagery, not only reverses the harsh reality Blacks face in America, but begs the question, "What if?". While Monday's intentions were to raise the looking glass up to today's society it is no surprise America has an egregiously long journey to trek before any real impact is made. Monday's visuals distort today's reality so much, that one would almost call what is being witnessed, ridiculous. Although the video is just a tug at the moral heart strings of America, I just keep thinking, "what if?".

While some viewers felt the video was in poor taste, lacked true historical knowledge and creativity, anyone with an actual brain, and understanding of the necessity of such dialogue, and thought provoking content can clearly see the intention of the video was none other than artistic expression, and meaningful conversation. 

Check out Matt Monday's "DEVILS" below now. What does the video make you think, and feel?

He's Got Next: Post Malone

If Dej Loaf, and Future had a baby, without a doubt it would be Post Malone. Given the autotune & 808, trap music craze trending in the music industry right now, there is no doubt Post Malone will be hitting mainstream radio waves in the next year.  With undeniable hit tracks like "White Iverson" and "Too Young" I wouldn't be surprised if Malone had a deal in the works right now. Admittedly I couldn't help but laugh when the title "White Iverson" came up on my youtube page, but I was delightfully surprised by the auditory sensation I began to experience. What I found most impressive was Malone's delivery. Post Malone delivers his lyrical content driven by culturally popular venacular with an effortless swagger, I have personally never seen in a white person. Impressed is an understatement. 

Obviously, a white guy rocking braids and rapping is nothing new, nor the norm. To no surprise there will undoubtedly be naysayers, and raised eyebrows questioning the legitimacy of Malone's image, and appearance. In an era of hyper awareness of self in the Black community, and hyper sensativity to bullshit this rap artist with an affinity for basketball has his work cutout for him. Check out Post Malone's hit, White Iverson now, and comment below and tell me what you think!


The Spirit of a Hummingbird

When most people think of a hummingbird, they most likely conjure up a mental image of one of the smallest birds known to mankind. Music enthusiasts however take a mental trip down south, and they find themselves at the feet of a songstress by the name of Tweet. In 2002 the petite powerhouse captivated the world with her infamous single “Oops(Oh My)”  off of her debut album Southern Hummingbird, coming in at number one Hot Hip-Hop/R&B songs. Southern Hummingbird preceded two more projects, It’s Me Again, and Simply Tweet EP. Since the release of these timeless and iconic bodies of work, much like the hummingbird, Tweet has been in a state of hibernation. It has been two years since we’ve heard from the Southern Hummingbird, with the release of her EP Simply Tweet, but her recent performance at Philly’s Hard Rock Cafe made the wait well worth it. Tweet performed fan favorites like “Boogie”, “Oops(Oh My)”, and “Turn the Lights Off”. The venues ambiance was radiating with excitement and anticipation for The Return of The Hummingbird.  Tweet took the stage as if she had never left. Each song was delivered in a grand and soulful way. Fans clamoured to the stage, filled the bar and every inch of the building bopping, clapping, snapping and singing along to every tune, as Tweet poetically delivered every note flawlessly. 


In an private interview Tweet revealed that although she had felt discouraged about her place in the music industry she never lost her passion, and that was the driving force behind her reemergence. Like many artists have experienced, Tweet went through a period of deals gone wrong, and improper label fits for her as an artist.  With her forthcoming album on the horizon Tweet has remained true to her sound, and artist aesthetic delivering fans genuine, and organic music. Tweet describes the album as “pages of her diary”, which feature a stand out single “Hardest Thing”, which chronicles the heartbreak of a deep love, and learning to let go and move forward. Drawing inspiration from life’s experiences, fan testimonials, and even a dripping faucet Tweet has reclaimed her throne in front of the mic, and is taking no prisoners. 


While there are no collaborations just yet,Tweet did reveal that the album will definitely feature newly signed RCA artist, and her daughter Tashawna “She’Nice” Johnson. With a project in the making She’Nice is excited to share her creativity, art, and love for fashion. As an artist Tashawna describes her sound as celebratory, dance music. “I think our generation is driven by sadness, break ups...although those elements are very rewarding sometimes, I want you to have fun when you come to my shows, I want people to dance again”. Drawing inspiration from the 80’s the young songstress has a keen eye for creating looks using prints and diverse range of colors. While the mother-daughter pair share a passion and talent for music, their style aesthetics greatly differ. Opposite her daughter, who was decked out in Giuseppe heels, a trendy printed crew neck, Tweet kept it comfy-cas and real cute during her interview in golden harem pants, a white stripped black sweater, and an oh-so cute bunny eared beanie. 


For her performance Tweet was adorned in a sexy yet, subdued black leather dress, and large brimmed hat. Like her dress, her hair bounced and swayed with every movement as Tweet glided across the stage. In a custom SNOB Hair Couture unit, Tweet’s loosely curled tresses looked flawless during her heartfelt performance. With so much left to give the anticipation of her forthcoming album is nearly unbearable. Sharing her experiences from becoming a grandma, falling in love and being heartbroken, and a decade of celibacy this album is sure to rank number one on all the charts.

Mompreneur Stephania Laguer Creates Organic Vodka

Stephania Laguer is the epitome of what many women today are calling a mompreneur. A woman who wears many hats, Stephania has single handedly created an unprecedented stream of success for herself. As a high school drop out, Laguer experienced her first taste of success while excelling at her first job at the age of 16.

With her newfound financial freedom, Laguer dropped out of high school to continue to make financial gains. At around the age of 18 Stephania was hired as a Customer Service Rep for one of the nation’s most reputable wireless phone companies. Within a year she had worked her way up the promotional ladder to a Data Technical Customer Service Rep.

At the height of her success up until then, she was still only 19, and had to leave her job to assist family in need in Colorado. Backed with her GED and a well-worded resume, Stephania landed a Project Manager position raking in an estimated $60,000 a year.

During her time in Colorado, Stephania met her ex-husband, and father of her two children. Within three months of their relationship, Stephania found herself pregnant, and facing a company downsize. In the wake of potentially losing her job and expecting her first child, Stephania and her ex decided it would be most beneficial to get married. As a member of the military, Stephania’s husband would be able to provide his new family with medical and financial coverage should Laguer find herself unemployed.


Stephania’s unique ingenuity and business savvy allowed her to convince her boss to lay her off of her position, but remain on payroll training other employees to do her job. Over the course of her pregnancy, her husband’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder began to worsen and take a toll on the family unit. By the time Stephania’s second son was conceived, things in her marriage had heightened, and she found herself the victim of domestic violence. For the second time Laguer gave birth early. Due to the stress at home and complications during her pregnancy, Laguer’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism at two-years-old. Despite life’s challenges and a hectic home life, Stephania was able to write, and self published her first book, “Married to PTSD.”

In addition to an extremely successful book launch–which garnered the support of a large number of military families–Laguer will be releasing her second book, “How I Made 73k on Instagram.” The book chronicles the Do’s and Don’t’s of running a successful business through social media.

Stephania’s entrepreneurial prowess doesn’t stop there, this mogul mompreneur will also be launching the first ever gluten-free, non GMO, allergen free vodka, Bou’Jae. Bou’Jae is the first liquor on the market that is 100 percent organic. If you made it down to New Orleans for Essence Festival you may have gotten a glimpse, and sip of the tasty drink.

Stephania attributes her success to her dedication to her sons.

“I want my sons to have a normal life. I don’t want them to ever be limited by lack of resources.”


When asked, how she juggled her work schedule and personal life, Stephania confessed to only taking naps, and the importance of scheduling and routines. While she is single, she is hopeful to find a man of equal ambition and status. Stephania is a great example of a single mom doing it! With a fierce tenacity she has built a lasting empire and legacy her sons, and any woman can learn from. Next time you’re making your weekly spirits pick up, be sure to ask for Bou’Jae!