The Spirit of a Hummingbird

When most people think of a hummingbird, they most likely conjure up a mental image of one of the smallest birds known to mankind. Music enthusiasts however take a mental trip down south, and they find themselves at the feet of a songstress by the name of Tweet. In 2002 the petite powerhouse captivated the world with her infamous single “Oops(Oh My)”  off of her debut album Southern Hummingbird, coming in at number one Hot Hip-Hop/R&B songs. Southern Hummingbird preceded two more projects, It’s Me Again, and Simply Tweet EP. Since the release of these timeless and iconic bodies of work, much like the hummingbird, Tweet has been in a state of hibernation. It has been two years since we’ve heard from the Southern Hummingbird, with the release of her EP Simply Tweet, but her recent performance at Philly’s Hard Rock Cafe made the wait well worth it. Tweet performed fan favorites like “Boogie”, “Oops(Oh My)”, and “Turn the Lights Off”. The venues ambiance was radiating with excitement and anticipation for The Return of The Hummingbird.  Tweet took the stage as if she had never left. Each song was delivered in a grand and soulful way. Fans clamoured to the stage, filled the bar and every inch of the building bopping, clapping, snapping and singing along to every tune, as Tweet poetically delivered every note flawlessly. 


In an private interview Tweet revealed that although she had felt discouraged about her place in the music industry she never lost her passion, and that was the driving force behind her reemergence. Like many artists have experienced, Tweet went through a period of deals gone wrong, and improper label fits for her as an artist.  With her forthcoming album on the horizon Tweet has remained true to her sound, and artist aesthetic delivering fans genuine, and organic music. Tweet describes the album as “pages of her diary”, which feature a stand out single “Hardest Thing”, which chronicles the heartbreak of a deep love, and learning to let go and move forward. Drawing inspiration from life’s experiences, fan testimonials, and even a dripping faucet Tweet has reclaimed her throne in front of the mic, and is taking no prisoners. 


While there are no collaborations just yet,Tweet did reveal that the album will definitely feature newly signed RCA artist, and her daughter Tashawna “She’Nice” Johnson. With a project in the making She’Nice is excited to share her creativity, art, and love for fashion. As an artist Tashawna describes her sound as celebratory, dance music. “I think our generation is driven by sadness, break ups...although those elements are very rewarding sometimes, I want you to have fun when you come to my shows, I want people to dance again”. Drawing inspiration from the 80’s the young songstress has a keen eye for creating looks using prints and diverse range of colors. While the mother-daughter pair share a passion and talent for music, their style aesthetics greatly differ. Opposite her daughter, who was decked out in Giuseppe heels, a trendy printed crew neck, Tweet kept it comfy-cas and real cute during her interview in golden harem pants, a white stripped black sweater, and an oh-so cute bunny eared beanie. 


For her performance Tweet was adorned in a sexy yet, subdued black leather dress, and large brimmed hat. Like her dress, her hair bounced and swayed with every movement as Tweet glided across the stage. In a custom SNOB Hair Couture unit, Tweet’s loosely curled tresses looked flawless during her heartfelt performance. With so much left to give the anticipation of her forthcoming album is nearly unbearable. Sharing her experiences from becoming a grandma, falling in love and being heartbroken, and a decade of celibacy this album is sure to rank number one on all the charts.