Untitled II

Like the forbidden fruit

For years I desired you

Plenty were ripe for picking

All but one

My greatest temptation

And love has fallen like the fruit from the only tree to be untouched by me

And we

We have ruined a great lover's memory

Shattered the perceived beauty of love's dreams

If only five years ago you had chose me

And now

Now we're two fallen angels with broken wings

Bruised and battered

Hearts tornmangled and shattered

I'm too tired to dance yet another dance

You take my hand and lead me to hell

Kiss me so sweetly

Penetrate me ever so deeply

Your hands creep up my thighs

And grip my ass

Hallucinations of futures past

Flash on walls painted in blood's red "Post No Feels"

I find myself in a devils dance

But I too am a devil of my own kind