She's Got Next: Simone Bisous

The bilingual, bicoastal songstress is quickly blazing a trail along side her star studded childhood peers. This Parisian beauty laces her tunes with plenty of soul she picked up growing up in Chicago. With a multicultural background, Bisous' music encompasses the sum of the parts that make her such a unique talent. Singing in both English and French, Simone's raspy alto, smoothly lays over melodic, dance,  and soultrap tracks. 

With the release of her debut album BISOUS, Simone is set to solidify her place in the spotlight, along side Chicago greats such as Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, and Vic Mensa. With an undeniable drive Simone has already began working on her second album, set to be titled Seasoning. Get into the vibe with BISOUS, comment below and tell me what you think!

Chano The Romantic

         Over Twitter Chance The Rapper took to the platform to obliterate the #sogonechallenge in an ultimately sexy, and romantic 16. If you weren't already in love with him, you are certain to fall hard now. The #sogonechallenge called artists to put bars up over R&B singer Monica’s 2003 classic “So Gone”. In the rhyme Chance delivers endearing words as he proclaims his affections for his girlfriend, and the mother of his daughter, Kinsley.

So if you got a girl and she’s sexy and she’s grown / Stay your ass at home before you end it up all alone / Leave the toilet seat down always keep your phone.

Chano is arguably the best (hands down, honestly. truly.) artist and lyricist right now. With his undeniable zeal for Christ, unwavering and uncompromisable value in himself, and his talent, he has been a beacon of light for Christ, aspiring artists, and music enthusiasts. His positive words, and vibes resonate with all. Chano continues to be an excellent example of what integrity, and an honorable man look like. Check out this super cute video of Chance, and his girlfriend swooning over one another. 

Are you an artist? send me your own #sogonechallenge and I'll feature you too!