A New Kind Of Monday

Matthew Monday stuns with his militant musical aesthetic, and the gripping music video 'DEVILS'. The blunt visual work inverts today's social, and political plague of racism, by highlighting hateful acts depicted through reversed roles. The artist is quoted on The Smoking Section as saying, “I wanted to create something that removed the racial aspect of color and focused more on the actual act of hatred”. By casting Black actors in traditionally White roles, violent acts casually committed against Black human beings can now be seen universally. 

"DEVILS' piercing imagery, not only reverses the harsh reality Blacks face in America, but begs the question, "What if?". While Monday's intentions were to raise the looking glass up to today's society it is no surprise America has an egregiously long journey to trek before any real impact is made. Monday's visuals distort today's reality so much, that one would almost call what is being witnessed, ridiculous. Although the video is just a tug at the moral heart strings of America, I just keep thinking, "what if?".

While some viewers felt the video was in poor taste, lacked true historical knowledge and creativity, anyone with an actual brain, and understanding of the necessity of such dialogue, and thought provoking content can clearly see the intention of the video was none other than artistic expression, and meaningful conversation. 

Check out Matt Monday's "DEVILS" below now. What does the video make you think, and feel?