Mompreneur Stephania Laguer Creates Organic Vodka

Stephania Laguer is the epitome of what many women today are calling a mompreneur. A woman who wears many hats, Stephania has single handedly created an unprecedented stream of success for herself. As a high school drop out, Laguer experienced her first taste of success while excelling at her first job at the age of 16.

With her newfound financial freedom, Laguer dropped out of high school to continue to make financial gains. At around the age of 18 Stephania was hired as a Customer Service Rep for one of the nation’s most reputable wireless phone companies. Within a year she had worked her way up the promotional ladder to a Data Technical Customer Service Rep.

At the height of her success up until then, she was still only 19, and had to leave her job to assist family in need in Colorado. Backed with her GED and a well-worded resume, Stephania landed a Project Manager position raking in an estimated $60,000 a year.

During her time in Colorado, Stephania met her ex-husband, and father of her two children. Within three months of their relationship, Stephania found herself pregnant, and facing a company downsize. In the wake of potentially losing her job and expecting her first child, Stephania and her ex decided it would be most beneficial to get married. As a member of the military, Stephania’s husband would be able to provide his new family with medical and financial coverage should Laguer find herself unemployed.


Stephania’s unique ingenuity and business savvy allowed her to convince her boss to lay her off of her position, but remain on payroll training other employees to do her job. Over the course of her pregnancy, her husband’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder began to worsen and take a toll on the family unit. By the time Stephania’s second son was conceived, things in her marriage had heightened, and she found herself the victim of domestic violence. For the second time Laguer gave birth early. Due to the stress at home and complications during her pregnancy, Laguer’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism at two-years-old. Despite life’s challenges and a hectic home life, Stephania was able to write, and self published her first book, “Married to PTSD.”

In addition to an extremely successful book launch–which garnered the support of a large number of military families–Laguer will be releasing her second book, “How I Made 73k on Instagram.” The book chronicles the Do’s and Don’t’s of running a successful business through social media.

Stephania’s entrepreneurial prowess doesn’t stop there, this mogul mompreneur will also be launching the first ever gluten-free, non GMO, allergen free vodka, Bou’Jae. Bou’Jae is the first liquor on the market that is 100 percent organic. If you made it down to New Orleans for Essence Festival you may have gotten a glimpse, and sip of the tasty drink.

Stephania attributes her success to her dedication to her sons.

“I want my sons to have a normal life. I don’t want them to ever be limited by lack of resources.”


When asked, how she juggled her work schedule and personal life, Stephania confessed to only taking naps, and the importance of scheduling and routines. While she is single, she is hopeful to find a man of equal ambition and status. Stephania is a great example of a single mom doing it! With a fierce tenacity she has built a lasting empire and legacy her sons, and any woman can learn from. Next time you’re making your weekly spirits pick up, be sure to ask for Bou’Jae!