Solo Hits SNL In The Most Godly Way EVER

With the power of the divine feminine illuminated by the essence of the moon, and adorned in an angelic aura Solange performed "A Seat At the Table" hits, Don't Touch My Hair & Cranes In The Sky on SNL this past weekend. Once, again Solange held the worlds attention with her powerful visuals, and poetic lyrics. With her album ranking in at No. 1 Solange has finally taken her rightful place in mainstream entertainment. Lightyears ahead of her time, Solange's catalog of work has been largely underrated, and erroneously overlooked.

In spite of some expected nerves, Solange delivered two powerful and energizing performances of two of her most impactful tracks. Watch the live ode to Black Women, and get into Solanges' Cranes look! You can also check out more by Solange on Spotify, and be dazed at how much her entire catalog sounds like it was released this year!


Ahead of her time is an understatement. Solange what planet are you from?!