Hailing from New Jersey, Danielle Elaine is prolific writer with a love affair with words. She is a two time self-published Author of the books, “Love Letters I Never Sent”, and “Scriptures of Gold”. Although she specializes in a wide range of poetry, she has gained experience writing for print and online publications such as KONTROL and KONTROL Girl Magazine, MommyNoire, MadameNoire and more.

On a quest to continue to pursue a passionate and purpose driven life, Danielle found herself on a journey of self healing. Through her rediscovery of crystals, she found herself following universal bread crumbs to spiritual evolution, and energetic growth and healing.

Today, Danielle takes comfort in a fluid existence. As a Mother, creator, healer, vessel, and much more she happily greets each day using the spiritual guidance and tools imparted to her.

As a healer, and vessel she only seeks to show others, especially women and children, how easily they can free themselves from social shackles weighing down their physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

You can reach out to Danielle here .